Our Team



Sharon has been in the Wedding Industry for over 9 years and has honed the art of Bridal Hairstyling and Make up artistry. Sharon, originally hails from London where she completed her Honorary Bachelors Degree in Marketing with Law. After living in Bombay, Sharon has launched several Television shows and worked with a number of Indian celebrities. After moving to Canada in 2007, Sharon has been an integral part of the wedding industry working with hundreds of Brides on their Big Day. She has been trusted by many clients to deliver style, artistry to bring the clients vision to life.

Having traveled throughout the world, Sharon has grown a keen passion for Fashion and likes to keep a float of all the new trends. Within this site, you will find new styles, that we believe are the way forward.

Writing has also been a passion of Sharon's since she was young and she is an avid blogger. Click on our blogs to get an insight into the world of Fashion, Make Up and Women empowerment. 



Being born and brought up in Kenya until the age of 15, Avneet moved to London to complete her higher education, obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Finance in London, UK.

Apart from her studious career, Avneet has been exposed to a variety of skill sets being an active participant in all forms of art such as; pencil/ charcoal sketching, oil painting, sewing skills, cake baking, cake decorating, fashion styling, photoshoot styling and many more, diversifying her hair and makeup artistry portfolio.

Avneet is extremely passionate about street fashion and personal styling. Channelling that direction, Avneet has led herself into various volunteer works such as photoshoot styling and wardrobe assisting with top designers in both London and Vancouver. Furthermore, her ongoing passion played a direct role in her obtaining a position as a stylist at BCBG Maxmaria. In turn, this helped Avneet sharpen her skills with retail visual merchandise as well as studying collections based on new seasonal trends, shapes, colours and fabrics directly tailored to her clients.

Having lived in three continents and travelled to many parts of the world, Avneet is open to be part of anything creative. Gaining the ability and insight to adapting and customizing new trends and visions that the world may present ensures clients of Made in London will receive both trendy and exceptional service every single time.



Avjot has always had the passion for makeup and hairstyling while growing up. She is currently attending University of the Fraser Valley to obtain her Bachelors of Business administrator degree. To pursue her dream in becoming a makeup artist and hair stylists she attended Blanche MacDonald where she has obtained her Diploma in freelance Makeup artistry. She has also been trained under pro-artist Sharon. Being trained by the professionals Avjot will be helping you achieve the best look for you special occasions. Avjot is honored to be working along side this amazing team.



Along with her family, Mehak moved to Canada at the age of 11. As a young girl, she was always inspired by fashion industry in general. Mehak was very creative and always seeked perfection in each task she attempted. She often volunteered to provide hair, makeup, and dressing services to family and friends. After high school, she completed post secondary education and works in healthcare field. Meanwhile, she attended first hair stylist certification program offered by Made in London in 2016. After the completion of hair stylist program, Mehak was offered to work with Made in London. After observing her dedication, Sharon trained Mehak as a make-up artist as well. Made in London has been essential part of Mehak's life since then. Therefore, Mehak is very helpful, friendly, and hardworking. She is eager to learn and expand her skillset to achieve desired looks by clients.



Mandeep has been in the industry for the past 11 years. Mandeep started hairstyling and makeup in 2008. She began her career at VCC where she completed an advanced training program for cutting hair styling hair. She started doing makeup at Blanch McDonald through which she began to do hair and makeup for clients on their special events. She has been involved in different areas of the industry and has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of women. She truly enjoys doing hair and makeup and is thankful for those who trusted her. She is passionate about creating hair and makeup that is perfectly sculpted to fit every individual.